Tattoo Studio

Body Piercings FAQ

How much are your piercings?

Our Piercings start at $50 and go up from there, that includes the jewelry, FREE Ball Replacement and FREE Jewelry Change-Outs for the life of the piercing! 

Do You Pierce Baby Ears?

**UPDATE- We are not currently offering baby ear piercings due to COVID-19 we hope this will be over soon! 

***(PLEASE NOTE BABY EAR PIERCINGS ARE DONE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! You Must Come By The Shop To Set Up Your Appointment And There Is A $60 Deposit Required)**

What type of jewelry is used for piercings?

We use only Implant grade stainless steel jewelry! Its the safest jewelry to use for new piercings. We use 316L stainless steel jewelry that meets the standards for "implant grade" and has been approved by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), an organization that is not related to the government but sets high standards for all kinds of materials that are manufactured in the U.S.

What type of needle is used? 

We use 316L surgical steel needles! The sharpest needles in the world. They are individually wrapped and EO Gas sterilized. They are disposed of in a sharps container after every use. 

Link: Dangers Of Piercing Guns Video Click Here! (Caution Language)

Is the body piercer licensed?

Currently in the state of NC there are NO licensing laws for body piercers (we hope this will change).

I am under 18 are there any body piercings I can't get with my parent/guardian consent?

Yes. Although there are many piercings you can get when your under 18 with your parent/guardian consent, there are some piercings we will not do for certain age groups. Some of the piercings that we will not do if you are under 18 are any genital piercings including nipples! Please contact one of our Professional Body Piercers at 336 229 2288 with any questions you may have about age limitations on body piercings!